Tax lawyers have to deal with and solve day to day issues about business, and advise on how longer problems can be dealt with. When Peter has challenged the status quo he his position has been proven to be correct over 90% of the time.

‘Solvitur Ambulando’: It is solved by walking

Attributed to Diogenes or St Augustine, who suggested that problems can be solved whilst walking. Peter agrees. In the modern way of working, we have perhaps lost something. In the ancient and possibly sometimes wiser way of working, this need not always be in an office or in front of a screen- important though that phase is.

Clients can come to our facilities in London or Sussex. As well as meeting it is possible to walk along the Cuckmere river or Pevensey Marsh.  Thus try and solve problems walking, sitting or both.  Solvitur ambulando!

Pictured: Swan and cygnets on Pevensey Marsh.